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BP280SI - APC 280 BackUPS

BP280SI APC Backups UPS
£ 55.00
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AP9607 - APC UPS Interface Expander

AP9607 APC Interface Expander
£ 30.00
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AP9605 - APC Management (SNMP) Module...

AP9605 APC Management Card
£ 25.00
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AP9600 - APC Expansion Chassis

AP9600 APC Expansion Chassis
£ 25.00
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AP9503 - APC Measure UPS

£ 35.00
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PSP25 - APC Protectnet Parallel &...

£ 15.00
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AP7920 - APC Switched Rack PDU

AP7920 APC Rackmount PDU
£ 195.00
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Uninterruptible Power Supply – an essential piece of kit!

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) are an essential component for any business that relies on IT and computing to run their business.

The issue of loss of power should not be over-looked. With some energy sources being depleted, the possibility of interrupted supply of mains electricity is increasing. When the power does go down, your business – data and hardware – needs to be protected.

Essential components of a UPS

A used or refurbished UPS will provide the protection for your computing system. A new or used UPS provides the valuable extra time needed to backup data and safely power down a computer system.

Investing in a new or used UPS system is vital:

  • Data is not lost as power is provided to the backup system for a short period of time
  • Investing in a cheap UPS can save a company thousands of pounds in lost revenue and data
  • Hardware and internal components are protected from power spikes or surges as a UPS can regulate any incoming surge above 240v
  • A system is protected during brownouts or sags, where power is not delivered at the correct voltage

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