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Smart-UPS from American Power Conversion (APC) is a system that will afford the customer many benefits. In fact, experts in the field of uninterruptible power supply will wholeheartedly recommend these products.

These USP systems offer an optional Smart Slot. The customer can purchase a smart card that when inserted in the system will provide a range of additional, useful information, from network connectivity to temperature and humidity monitoring.

Intelligent pieces of equipment, these Smart-UPS systems will only kick in when they detect that grid power or mains supply is unavailable.

There are several models of APC Smart-UPS systems available, all with increasing sophistication. The addition of a smart slot really can increase the viability of these systems for your business, and along with the right management software, this system really can bring a whole host of benefits to you.

Older version of an APC Smart-UPS?

Since the acquisition of the APC, many older models are incompatible with newer smart slot ones but here at Castle Computers, we have a range of the latest models that can provide the user with a range of benefits and smart applications – at great prices!


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